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Step into a secret world of abseiling, swimming and scrambling on rocks.

Canyoning in Torridon is great as the rock lends it self to this activity, and Gairloch is only a stones throw away.

We also offer a full day experience. THis involves around a 60 minute walk into the wilderness followed by several abseils as you work down to canyon. We'll teach you the skills you need to abseil yourself and navigate the features.

The half day session involves a 45 min walk (1.5km and 150m Ascent)

Full DAy Session involves around a 1 hour walk (2km with 300m Ascent)

Half day Session - 1:30pm-5pm

Adults - £55pp

12-16yr olds - £35pp


Full Day Canyon Experience


12-16yr Olds - £70PP

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